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Our Stories

Kevin Smith

Owner Kevin Smith was born and raised in Lewes, DE. Growing up in a family of local water-men instilled a great respect and love of the water at an early age. His father, Jeff Stewart is local commercial fisherman and has been a charter boat captain for the last 30 years. Kevin started working with his dad at 15 years old and understands the importance of supporting local water-men and providing good quality seafood. Kevin wanted to use his experience and knowledge to serve fresh seafood to the local community as well as people from different areas coming to visit for the beautiful weather and beaches. A local Cape graduate, Kevin knows this area and exactly what the people are looking for on their plate when they order fresh seafood. After a brief move to Florida, Kevin and his wife returned ready to get back to their roots and do what they do best....Provide the BEST seafood and the freshest blue crabs. Welcome to Upscale Crab & Seafood.

Akbayan Smith

Meet Akbayan Smith or Aki as she is known to most people. She is from one of the biggest countries overseas - Kazakhstan.Moving to US in her early 20's and starting to work in restaurants is where her deep rooted love of cooking high quality foods began.After spending a few years in the food service industry Aki meet her now husband Kevin! Kevin and Aki share a strong passion for food, Specifically fresh seafood. You can commonly find them in a new restaurant checking out the local food and scenery that brought them together. After many nights sitting discussing their
goals and dreams is where the idea for Upscale Crab and Seafood was born.Starting a food truck was never the plan but Aki decided it was time to follow her dreams
and do something she loved.


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