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Crab & Seafood


About Us

Welcome to Upscale Crab & Seafood. We use only the finest seafood from right here in the USA. All of our Crab meat sourced from the Eastern Shore. You will taste the freshness in every bite. All food served and prepared by us in the house, from the fresh cut fries to the steamed or fried shrimp. Or stop by to pick up a bushel of live crabs to take home and steam your way!

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you soon.

Loction and Hour

Location & Hours

Monday - 11:00-8:00

Tuesday - 11:00-8:00

Wednesday - 11:00-8:00

Thursday - 11:00-8:00

Friday -10:00-8:00

Saturday - 10:00-8:00

Sunday -10:00-7:00

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